Digital Gold Coin

07 Aug 2018 04:32

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Digital Gold Coin is new crypto currency that is different from the other crypto currencies that are offered on a very rich market today! It is made by top experts, and supported by over 1700 co-founders, around the world! Behind it standing many anti-globalization organizations, with over 200 academics, scientists and researchers from Serbia, from whole Balkan, partly of Western Europe, America, Russia, the United Emirates, China, Japan, India and the rest of the world!


It is expecting that DGold, by the end of this year, will reach 25 USD to 30 USD! In 2019 it is very easy to reach 100 USD per piece! By 2020, it is possible to reach 500 USD, and more!

Sign up now for free, and get 100 DGold sign up bonus!

Click here:

Thank you.

P.S.: They momentally have excellent referral program, where you get paid 10 Digital Gold Coins, per direct free referrer, plus 3% of purchases, 5 levels deep!

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